March 8, 2018

Ford Marks Special Moment in History with Ford Driving Skills for Life in Saudi

Ford Marks Special Moment in History with Ford Driving Skills for Life for Her Global Debut in Saudi 
November 16, 2017

Nagy Heneine (G M): BMW a tradition of design, top quality and reliability

Nagy Heneine (General Manager) Bassoul Heneine SAL: BMW a tradition of design, top quality and reliability   Many times, we ask ourselves why people choose BMW, and not another car brand, to find them looking after a design, a tradition, a top quality car, reliability and a brand’s philosophy that attracts. Nagy Heneine the General Manager of Bassoul-Heneine and sole agent of BMW in Lebanon is a living proof and a persistent believer in the “Ultimate […]
October 21, 2017

FERRARI combines performance, luxury, experience, lifestyle and heritage

Gilberto Medici (General Manager)   Scuderia Lebanon SAL: FERRARI  A world recognized sport car combining performance, experience, luxurious lifestyle and heritage       Ferrari is one of the World’s most recognized brands. To Ferrari, the Middle East, and Lebanon remain exclusive markets. This company, since 70 years, retained its seat at the helm of most desirable Sports Cars. According to Gilberto Medici (General Manager of Scuderia Lebanon) it draws its uniqueness from combining between performance, […]