Advertise With Us

4 Reasons to advertise in a print and online magazine of
4 editions reaching
4 regional markets with

1 single payment !

All editions of the magazines “Business Journal”, “Al Khaleej”, “Alam Al Massaref”
 and the Website
share same advertisements and common copyrights of editorial materials
with different regional orientations and different front covers
with relative titles that appeal to our subscribers and readers in 4 different regional markets:


Advertiser’s advantages:

    The advertiser benefits from one single payment for an economic and reasonable price of one single ad and one editorial page for each advertising page or cover

that will be published in the 4 sister magazines Business journal, alkhaleej magazine, Alam Almassaref magazine (2 editions), and website targeting
Lebanon and different regional markets:
1) The Levant Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq (including Kurdistan).
2) The G.C.C Countries
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, U.A.E, Oman (and Yemen)
3) Arab Africa: 
Egypt, Sudan, and Arab North African Countries.

     Our advertising rate is carefully fixed economically, making it convenient, plausible and feasible in a way that gives advertisers the maximum returns on investments.

    Varieties of economic, business, and social editorial topics with four different front covers, bearing titles and pictures that will appeal to readers and subscribers of different geographical, cultural, social and business interests reaching various targets of advertisers’ promotional plans.

 A business oriented magazine especially with several editions that serve different geographical zones, has a larger penetration and high purchasing power of readership, compared with other media of different kind of interests.

   The advertiser in a magazine enjoys his ad in a full space of a page, contrary to an ad in a newspaper where the space may be shared by several ads that may distract the reader’s attention.

  Contrary to a daily publication that stays in the market less than one day, a magazine stays for more duration, giving the readers more time to read and concentrate.

A Man Who Stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time
-Henry Ford-